TNPSC Librarian Original Question Paper-2015 | Solved Paper Part-I(1-50)

Certificate Course,
Librarian Examination Original Question Paper-2015,
Part 1(1-50)

In which state was not extended for delivery of Books and Newspapers Act?
(A) Delhi
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Jammu and Kashmir
(D) Tamil Nadu

Which year was appointed full fledged librarian in Connemara library?

In which year was opened for the Public Connemara library?
(A) 1869
(B) 1896 
(C) 1871
(D) 1873

In which year was UGC INFLIBNET established?
(A) 1973
(B) 1988
(c) 1982
(D) 1979

ADLA stands for
(A) Acquisition Development of Library Association
(B) Andhra Desa Library Association(A)
(C) Administration Development of Library Association
(D) Another Development of Libra ry Association

An order with the supplier to be acted upon until it is countermanded is
(A) classified order
(B) standing order (A)
(C) firm order
(D) administrative order

Which one is not Book selection tool?
(A) Book sellers catalogue
(B) Indian National Bibliography
(C) Publishers catalogue
(D)  Ulrich periodical directory (A)

Expansion of LLA.
(A) Local Library Advisory
(B) Local Library Acquisition
(C) Local Library Authorities (A)
(D) Local Library Amenities

CAS stands for
(A) Current Awareness Service(A)
(B) Centre for Assisting Service
(C) Current Affairs Service
(D) Chemical Abstract Service

In which year was passing Delivery of Books Act?
(A) 1952
(B) 1954
(C) 1964 '
(D) 1961

'British Book News' is an example of which Bibl~raphy?
(A) Subject
(B) Trade  (A)
(C) International News letter
(D) National News Letter

Match the following :
(a) Reference book - 1.British books in print
(b) Text book - 2.Encyclopaedia Americana
(c) Bibliography -       3.ALA Glossary
(d) Glossary  - 4.Heat and thermodynamics
(A) 2· 4 1 3(A)
(B) 3 2 1 4
(C) 1 4 2 3
(D) 1 2 3 4

The development of public library system in India started early .in the year
(A) 1909 (B) 1910(A) (C) 1911 (D) 1908

Open access increases the use of books according to the (A) First law of library science (A)
(B) Third law of library science
(C) Second'law of library science
(D) Fourth law of library science

UGC says
(A) Books are for use
(B) Library is the heart of university(A)
(C) Every reader has his book
(D) Library is a growing organism

The First Indian National Bibliography was published by National Library of Kolkata in the year
(A) 1957     (B) 1956 (C) 1958(A)     (D) 1959

Who was the author of the book "My Experiments with Truth"?
(A) Jawah arlal Nehru
(B) Gandhi(A)
(C) Rabindranath Tagore
(D) Sarojini Naidu

The first printing press established in India at
(A) Madurai
(B) Mumbai
(C) Kolkata
(D) Tharangampadi(A)

The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) is constituted by India under the
chairmanship of
(A) Dr. P.N. Rao
(B) Dr. S.V. Gupta
(C) Sam Pitrado(A)
(D) Dr. Ananthakrishnan

A good librarian should be a
(A) Well qualified and have administrative ability(A)
(B) Administrative ability
(C) High qualification
(D) User friendly

How many steps involved to POPSI indexing system?
(A) 12 - steps
(B) 10 - steps
(C) 8 -  steps(A)
(D) 6 - steps

Generally library staff working hours per week
(A) 40 - 50 hours (B) 36 - 50 hours(A) (C) 56 - 65 hours (D) 50 - 60 hours

In which five law of library science focused the user needs (customer need)?
(A) First Law of Library Science
(B) Second Law of Library Science(A)
(C) Third Law of Library Science
(D) Fourth Law of Library Science

In which one is synonyms meaning?
(a) Reference book (b) Rare possible book
(c) Not possible book (d) In printed book
(a) and (b) (A) (B) (a) and (c)
(C) (b) and (d) (D) (c) and (d)

General Financial rules prescribe physical verification of books annually for the collection of
(A) 50,000 volumes
(B) 40,000 volumes
(C) 30,000 volumes
(D) 20,000 volumes (A)

Preservation activities are often centred in the technical service of library because
(A) Processing and binding work(A)
(B) Provide lending service
(C) Increasing document
(D) Use interlibrary loan

Head Quarters of National Book Council is
(A) Mumbai
(B) Kolkata
(C) Delhi (A)
(D) Chennai

Which one is a basic service of the library?
(a) Provision of General information
(b) Provision of specific information
(c) Assistant to location of document
(d) Assist to use oflibrary catalogue
(A) (a) and (b) are true
(B) (c) and (d) are true
(C) (b) false
(D) all are correct (A)

Editing activities comes under
(A) Library routine activities
(B) Technical activities
(C) Extention activities(A)
(D) Indexing and abstracting activities

Discharging of Book means
(A) Reference Books     (B) Return of Books(A)  (C) Reservation of Books (D) Issue of Books

Expansion for DESIDOC.
(A) Documentation on Science Information
(B) Delivery of Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
(C) Defence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
(D) Defence Information Documentation Centre

The first law of library science focus qn
(A) on general appeal
(B) on the organisation
(C) user and the usable item
(D) on usable item(A)

Which is fourth law of library science?
(A) Every book its reader
(B) Every reader his/her book
(C) The library is a growing organism
(D) Save the time of the reader (A)

POSDCORB coined by
(A) Henry Foyal and W. Taylor
(C) Henry Foyal
(D) Gulick and Urwick(A)
(D) Frederick W. Taylor

Management as defined by well known author in the field of management contains the
following which one is not components
(A) planning - organization
(B) staffing - organization
(C) managing - observing(A)
(D) staffing - directing

A gateway service may access to networks through
(A) point   (B) single point(A)  (C) end poirrt (D) link point

National Informatics Centre is located in all-----in India.
(A) States capital (B) Taluks (C) Panchayats   (D) Districts(A)

Right of readers to take away any book to the reading room for study without any hindrance is related to
(A) closed access system
(B) open access system (A)
(C) partially closed access system
(D) none of the above

Stock verification done in library with the help of
(A) Shelf list(A)
(B) Accession register
(C) Catalogue
(D) Allocation registe

Which one is not service of circulation section?
(A) Binding of book(A) 
(B) Lending of book's
(C) Renewal of book's
(D) Discharging of book

Stock verification helps us to
(A) Stock checking and weeding out of damaged book(A)
(B) Weeding out of book easily
(C) Find out Damage book
(D) To know the total No. of books

A staff member responsible for preparing catalogue entries is
(A) Classificationist
(B) Classifier
(C) Cataloguer(A)
(D) Documentalist given to the institution to support a broadly defined program
(A) program grant(A)
(B) caption grant
(C) black grant
(D) capital grant

Which one is suitable for protecting the paper?
(A) Tanning
(B) Lamination (A)
(C) Sizing
(D) Foxing

In what binding is a durable for book life?
(A) Full cloth binding
(B) Half cloth binding
(C) Full leather binding (A)
(D) Half leather binding

In DDC consist of how many main class?
(A) 10 (0-9) (A)
(B) 9 (1-9)
(C) 9 (0-8)
(D) 11 (0-10)

If Book is loss a good librarian activities should be a
(A) Fine collection
(B) Replacement books(A)
(C) Add the list of loss of book
(D) Add the list of damage

Gate register of library shows
(A) to find the user name
(B) for name shake
(C) to know the total user strength per day(A)
(D) check the library staff

Accession register method·of stock verification, the accession register is
(A) Damage the ACC Register is not Accurate report
(B) ACC Register is not damage and accurate report
(C) Register no damage and not accurate report
(D) The register damage and result accurate(A)

Deway decimal classification schedule was published in the year
(A) 1866(A)       (B) 1872        (C) 1876       (D) 1878