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Librarian Recruitment-2010-Question and Answer

Statistical Bibliogrphy is known as

Who is coined the term of Informatics
Otto Nache

The Expression 1: n : n2 was given by
Lotkas's Law

Garfield's law of concetration is related with
Bradford's Law

The concept of management by objectives was profounded by
Peter Drucker

Match following
1.CDS/ISIS -           (a)INFOTECH
2.SANJAY -             (b)NISCAIR
3.LIBSYS -               (c)DESIDOC

Truncation is used in
String Search

Logical operators AND, Or, NOT are suggested by
George Boole

The term information retrieval was coined by
Calven Moors

SDI was conceived by

The test which is used for judging the significance of several measures, particularly
the mean is
The firs exponent of scientific method of research was
Francis Bacon

Expanded form of SPSS is
Statistical Package for Social Science

Normally research is carried out in four stages the first is
Idenfication of Problem

Match the List
1.A.J.Lotka -               (A)Libramatry
2.Allen Prichard -      (B)Scientific Proclivity
3.S.R.Ranganathan - (C)Bibliometrics
4.S.C.Bradford -         (D)Scattering
Ans-B, C, A, D

The term Scientometric was introduced by
Eugane Garfield

Bibliographic Coupling links
Two Papers that cite the same article

Zip's Law relates to
Frequency of word occurrences in a text

The 1997 International conference of Informatirics and Scientometrics was hel in

Half-Life of Information Relates to
Rate of Obsolescence

Findn the odd one
1.Sequention Sambling ,
 2.Multistage Samling,
3.Quota Sambling,
 4.Sample Bias,
Ans-Sample Bias

The schedule used to measure the attitude of openion is know as
Interview Schedule

Selecton of sample that is a replica of the polulation is known as
Non-Probability Sample

Non-Probability Sampling includes
Quota Sambling

The word Statistics was derived from
Italian Word

Cartograms utilize the application of

In a research article or report to refer an immdiate proceeding reference which of the
following is used?

Find out odd one
1.Line Graph 2.Pie Chart 3.Bar Chart 4.Flow chart
Ans-Flow chart

Spearman founded
Rank Correlation

ANOVA Technique is used in
Miltiple Sample

Good Research Design Should be

Field experiments are best studied in
Social Science

Content analysis was introduced in the year of

Ex-Post Facto Research does not have control over

How many types of Interview methods
Five(Unstructured, Stress, Behaviour,Problem Solving or Case, Panel)

Proposition that typically state the existencem size, form or distribution of some
variable is known as
Descriptive Hypothesis

O.Helmer is Associated with
Delphi Study

Purposive Sambling is also know as
Judgement Sampling

Schedule is a technique of collecting data through the

Formal and Informal tests are carried out in
Diagnistic Research Design

Who first used the term Thesaurus in the context of information retrieval

In PRECIS the role operator O Represents

COSSCO Relationship is Found in

Inductive research proceeds from
Particular to General

The operators s, t, g in PRECIS represent
Role Operators

To study the Literacy rate of Tamilnadu the most suitable method would be
Random Sambling

Surveys and Fact finding enquiries are the examples of
Descriptive Research

What does Zenith marks in the spiral of Scientific Methods
Empirical Laws

Questionnaire is a
Tools of Data collection

Case study is a
Qualitative Research.

ERNET major areas of concentration are
Research and Development

DELNET was registred as a society in the year of

Match the list
1.INDONET - (A)Department of Electronics
Ans-B, A, D, C

INFLIBNET is an Examble of

LANs are distinguished from other networks by
Size, Transmission technology and topoly

Find out the correct order
1.LAN, MAN, WAN Internet
2.LAN, MAN, Internet, WAN
3.Internet, WAN, Man, LAN
4.MAN, LAN, WAN, Internet
Answer-1.LAN, MAN, WAN Internet

Internet is a

A Network system in which all the computer notes are connected by one cable is called
Star Sturcture

ISSN is for

Which one is not the repackaging of information
Trend Report

Invisible college are
help in communication

Library Literaure is published by

which is not a secondary Sources of information
A Patent.

Match the List
1.Book in Print -         A) News Digest
2.Keesings Record -   B) Trade Bibliography of Learning - C) Periodicals Bibliography
4.Ulrich's Directory - D) Directory
Ans: B A D C
Match the List
1.Arrangment - A) Reputations of Publishers
2.Authority -      B) Alphabetical and Classified
3.Scope -            C) Accuracy, Objectivity
4.Treatment -    D) Current and Retrospective
Ans: B A D C

Whitaker's Books in Print was formerly Published as
Book in Print

The Word Encylopedia is derived from

Ulrich International dictionary is
Secondary sources

Referal Service means
Deirecting the reader to correct Sources

The Headquarters of AGRIS is located at

What was the name by which MEDLARS published before
Index Medicus

STAIRS is a acronym for
Storage and Information Retrieval System

The former name of international translation centres was
European translation Centre

Which one of the following is different from on other


NICNET was intitated in

NASSDOC is an organ of

University Library Network of UGC in india is known as

NISCAIR is operated by

A light pen is a
Pointing Device

the main defference between SDI and CAS is

Translation service is intended to overcome
Language Barrier

The firs and Foremost step in literate search is
Selecton of indexing and abstracting journal

current awarness service come under the category of
Lang Rang Reference Service

Routting of periodicals is which kind of

The first notable index is
People's Index

Computerised SDI was developed in the year

CAS stands for
Cuttent Awarness Service

Which is/ae the components of SDI service
User profile and document profile

CALIBNET is an example of

UNIVAC-I was developed in the year

Match list
1.Integrated circuit -A) First Generation of Computer
2.VAcuum Tube -      B) Seccond Generation
3.Silicon Chip -         C) Third Generation
TranssIster Circuit - D) Fourthe Generation
Ans: C A D B

The Device that convert digital tp anlog and anolag and anolg and digital signal is
knownn as

Match the list
1.Analytic Engine -                        A) John Newman
2. Automatic Calculator -             B) Herman Hollerith
3.Punched Card -                           C) Howard Aiken
4. Stired computer Progamme - D) Charles Babba
Ans: D C B A

INSAT is a/an
Telecommunication Sattilite

Digital library software
Green Stone

Find out the lis of userful input devices from the given series
Keyboard light pen, and OCR

The basic tow types of programmes in computer are
System program and application program

The thickness of a CD-ROM disk is
0.12 cm

Date are stored in CD-Rom by using
Spiral tracks

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