7th Pay scales and Allowance of Universities and college Teachers pdf

Government of Tamilnadu
7th Pay Commission
G.O from 11-10-2017
Hon.Chief Minister of Tamilnadu
Tamilnadu 7th Pay Commission Implementation Government Order No:

Higher Education Department
Implementation of 7th Pay commission to the Universities and college Faculties, Librarians and Physical Education Directors.

Associate Professors,
Assistant Professors, 
University Librarian
Deputy Librarian,
Assistant Librarian,
College Librarian,
Director of Physical Education&Sports,
அரசு ஆணை
G.O. (Ms) No: 145,
Dated. 06-07-2018
Department of Higher Education, MHRD, Government of India,
Letter Nos.1-712015-U.ll(1) and 1-7-12015-U.ll(2), 
dated 02.11.2017.08.11 .2017 &24.04.2018.

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