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Cyber Security 

It is a comprehensive course to learn the most effective steps to prevent attacks and detect adversaries with actionable techniques that one can directly apply when they get back to work.
As Certified Cyber Warrior, the participant will learn tips and tricks from the best of the experts from a mix of industry & academia, so that they can win the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm the enterprises’ IT environment.

Cyber Security Foundation Module:

Introduction & Overview of Cyber Security
Common Security threats and prevention/mitigation plans
Cryptography – fundamentals with theory of encryption keys (LMS)
Networking Security – fundamentals with N/w layers and various protocols (LMS)
Introduction to IT Act and Cyber Laws:

Cyber Laws – Overview of Cyber Civil Wrong
Cyber Laws – overview of Cyber Offences
Case studies where brand and financial loss has been reported
Introduction to Dark web and Deep Web:

Dark web & Deep Web
Anatomy of Financial Cyber Crime Organization
Network Security & Best practices for secured n/w administration

Wireless Security
 Vulnerabilities in various layers of Information Systems:

Overview of Multitasking and Multiprocessing
Assess And Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities
Understanding Security Capabilities of Information System
Memory Protection
Memory & Address protection
Protection Mechanisms
Brief Introduction to Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance Best Practices:

Cyber Risk & Information Risk Management
Risk Management Concepts
Component of Risk Management – example
Risk Management Process
Common Cyber Threats
Framework for Cyber and IS Risk Management
Cyber Insurance – an Introduction
What is cyber insurance
How to assess and bargain a good policy
How to implement documentation for claims
Best practices for ‘zero’ risk policies
Introduction to Physical Security & importance to protect IT Assets:

Physical Security Introduction
Perimeter / Boundary Security
Building Security
Inside Building with back-end command & Control System
Overview of IoT devices Security & Concerns
Introduction to Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoins

Introduction to Blockchain concept
Cyber Security Design and Maintaining Resilience

Cyber Security Designing And Maintaining Resilience
Designing a Resilient Enterprise
Maintaining Enterprise Resilience
Perimeter Protection with Firewall
Incident Response Plan
Cyber Risk Management process
Inventory Authorized and Unauthorized devices and Software
Recommended Best practices for Cyber Security:

Cyber Hygiene,
Data Security,
Wireless networking,
Invoke the Incident Response Plan,
Preparedness Plan Audit,
Test your incident response plan
Vendor Incident response
20 Critical Security Components – Part 1

Critical Control 1: Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Devices
Critical Control 2: Inventory of Authorized and Unauthorized Software
Critical Control 3: Secure Configurations for Hardware and Software on Laptops, Workstations, and Servers
Critical Control 4: Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Critical Control 5: Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
Critical Control 6: Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Audit Logs
Critical Control 7: Email and Web Browser Protections
Critical Control 8: Malware Defenses
Critical Control 9: Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services
20 Critical Security Components – Part 2

Critical Control 10: Data Recovery Capability
Critical Control 11: Secure Configurations for Network Devices such as Firewalls, Routers, and Switches
Critical Control 12: Boundary Defense
Critical Control 13: Data Protection
Critical Control 14: Controlled Access Based On Need to Know
Critical Control 15: Wireless Device Control
Critical Control 16: Account Monitoring and Control
Critical Control 17: Security Skills Assessment and Appropriate Training to Fill Gaps
Critical Control 18: Application Software Security
Critical Control 19: Incident Response and Management
Critical Control 20: Penetration Tests and Red Team Exercises
2 Day On Campus Boot Camp at IIIT B

Lab Session – General Threats
Lab Session – Cryptography
Boot Camp 1
Boot Camp 2

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