TNSET 2018 LIS Question and Answer 21-30-Free Download

State Level Eligibility Test/State Eligibility Test,
Mother Therisa Womens University,
Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu,

Library and Information Science Original Question and Answer,

Library and Information Science,

Question No-21-30
21.MADLARS stands by
1) Medicine Research Analysis and retrieval system
2) Medical Language Analysis and retrieval system
3) Medicine and retrieval system
4) Medical Literature  Analysis and retrieval system

22.Glossary is a 
1) Alphabetic index to passage of words
2) List of Words in a Language
3) List of Technical words with Definitions
4) List of thematically arranged words

23.World of Learning is 
1) an abstract
2) a directory
3) an encyclopedia
4) a bibliography

24.Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science is Published by
1) Marcel Diker
2) H.W.Wilson
3) R.r.Bowker
4) Andrew Deutich

25.the Second Summary of DDC consist of 
1) Ten Main classes
2) Hundred Division
3) Thousand Sections
4) Minute Division

26.Colon classification systems are devised on the basis of 
1) alphabetical device
2) Subject device
3) odd number device
4) Chronological device

27.Systems and Special are founded in
1) UDC
2) CC
3) BC
4) SC

28.Book Number Represents
1) Size of the Book
2) Subject of the Book
3) Nature of the Collection
4) Author and title and /or year of publication

29.What is Bibliography?
1) List of Books
2) List of trade
3) List Periodicals
4) Organised list of documents 

30.Online edition of index medicus
1) Medical
3) MEDline
4) med line