Amma Guide 2018 :12th Standard Tamil and English Medium Guide

Government of Tamilnadu
Textbook Corporation of Tamilnadu
Amma Guide 10&12th Standard Students

12th  General Tamil

12th  English

Science Group:

12th  Biology        Tamil Medium,
12th  Biology        English Medium,

12th  Botany         Tamil Medium,
12th  Botany         English Medium,

12th  Chemistry    Tamil Medium,
12th  Chemistry    English Medium,

12th  Maths           Tamil Medium,
12th  Maths           English Medium,

12th  Physics         Tamil Medium,
12th  Physics         English Medium,

12th  Zoology        Tamil Medium,
12th  Zoology        English Medium,

Arts Group

12th  Accountancy Tamil Medium,
12th  Accountancy English Medium,

12th  Commerce    Tamil Medium,
12th  Commerce    English Medium,

12th  Economics    Tamil Medium,
12th  Economics    English Medium,

12th  Geography    Tamil Medium,
12th  Geography    English Medium,

12th  History          Tamil Medium,
12th  History          English Medium

10th Standard Books

10th  General Tamil
10th  English

12th  Maths           Tamil Medium,

12th  Maths           English Medium

10th Science          Tamil Medium
10th Science          English Medium

10th Social Science Tamil Medium
10th Social Science English Medium