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Applications are invited only through the online  to the Written Examination for direct recruitment against the vacancies in the following posts included in combined Group-IV Services for the          year 2017.

Advertisenent No.481
Advertisenent Date:14-11-2017
Last Date of Online Application:13-12-2017
Date of Examination:11-02-2018

Name of the Posts:
  1. Village Administrative Officers,
  2. Tax Penalty Collectors Grade-1,
  3. Surveyors,
  4. Draughtsman,
  5. Typist
  6. Typist and Shorthand-III,
Group VII A Examination

Faraday's laws of electrolysis are related to
(A) Atomic number of the cation
(B) Atomic number of the anion
(c) Equivalent weight of the electrolyte
(D) Speed of the cation

(a) Temperature 1. Kelvin·
(b) Luminous intensity 2.Candela
(c) Electric current 3. Ampere
(d) Mass         4. Kilogram
Ans: All Correct

Parasitic plants obtain the required food through special roots called
(A) Tentacles (B) Clinging roots (C) Haustoria (D) Saprophytes
Ans: C

Consider the following statements and choose the correct answer
(a)Peroxisome and glyoxisome are microbodies.
(b)Peroxisome is present in the castor seed.
Ans: (a) is correct (b) is wrong

Consider the following statements and select your answer.
Assertion (A) : Fermentation results in the production of ethanol and carbon dioxide.
Reason (R) : It is an anaerobic process carried out by yeast cells.
Ans:Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation for (A)

Dopamjne is a

Choose the incorrect pair regarding the Vedangas
(a) Siksha -Pronounciation
(b) Kalpa -Rituals
(c) Vyakarna -Astronomy
(d) Nirukta -Etymology
Ans: C

The Dutch East India company setup their head quarters at

Match List l with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below :
List I List II
(a) First carnatic war. 1. 1764
(b) Third carnatic war · 2. 1746-48
(c) Battle of Plassey 3. 1758-63
(d) Battle of Buxar 4. 1757
Anwer: 2,3,4,1
Under the 13th Finance Commission, the highest fund transfer was made to which state?
Uttar Pradesh

In which sector, Masani Committee was set up?
Road Transport

Which programme was started with the objective of reducing scarcity in rural areas by the construction of civil works· of permanent nature?
Rural Works Programme

Who advocated tax on expenditure?

Non intervention of the Govt. in production activities - the policy is called
Laissez-Faire Policy

What was the main.theme of 2015 Republic Day Parade?
Women empowerment

Who atnong the following is called as Grand Old Lady of Indian Nationalism?
Annie Besant

Who among the following first conceived the idea of the formation (/f Indian National Army?
Mohan Singh

Who among the following wrote the book, "India Wins Freedom"?
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Which data communication method is used for sending data in both directions at the same time?
Full Duplex

Which city is not included in the building of smart cities signed by USTAD?

Which sector got the highest allocation in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan?

Which missile has a range of over 6000 kms. in India?

India joins the Big:5 preserving the ICBM Big-5 includes the US, Russia, China, ---and----
France, UK

Where was the 18th SAARC Summit held?

Consider the following statements. Pick out the correct statement
I. Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam project to create solar energy from the solar panals
along the river canals. of Narmadha.
II. Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana to provide access of electricity to rural
households across the country.
Ans: Both are correct.

Insert the missing number
2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, 56, -----
Ans: 72

A train 150 metres long passes a telegraph post in 12 seconds. Find the speed of the train
Ans:45 km/hr.

A and B together can complete a work in 15 days. B alone can complete the same work in 45 days .. Then
Ans: A is twice as good workman as B

A, Band C can complete a piece of work in 24, 6 and 12 days respectively; working together they will complete the same work in.
Ans: 3 3/2 days

In how many years will a sum of Rs. 1,000 becomes Rs. 1,331 at 10% per annum componded annually?
Ans: 3 years

If the difference between simple interest and compound interest on a certain sum for
3 years at 10% per annum is Rs. 31, find the sum
Ans: Rs. 1,000

H.C.F. of 513 and 1134 is
Ans: 27

Ten years ago, the ages of X and Y were in the ratio 3 : 1. The ratio of their present ages is 2 : 1. Their present ages are

Three partners A,B,C invest Rs. 36,000, Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 54,000 respectively in a
business. Out of a total profit of Rs. 37,500 C's share is
Ans: Rs. 15,000

Find the odd n:ian out:4, 9, 19, 39, 79, 149, 319

How many cubes of 10 cm edge can be put in a cubical box of 1 m edge?
Ans: 1000

How many cubes of 3 cm edge can be cut out of a cuboid of 3 cm x 18 cm x 108 cm?
Ans: 216

Match the following and choose the correct option
(a) G.V. Mavlankar 1. First CAG of India
(b) SukumarSen 2. First Deputy P.M. of India
(c) V. Narahari Rao 3. First Chief Ele_ction Commissioner of India
(d) Sardar Vallabhai Patel 4. First Speaker of India
Ans:(a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-1, (d)-2

The anti-defection law was passed in 1985 and was incorporated into the Constitution as
Ans:Schedule X

Which two committees have been set up to enable the financial business of the Parliament?
(a) The business advisory Committee
(b) The estimates committee
(c) Select Committee
(d) The Public Accounts Committee
Ans:(b) and (d)

In the legislative procedure, if the cut motion aims to reduce the demand by one rupee only the motion will be known as
Ans: Disapproval of Policy cut

Under which case the Supreme Court of India held that the preamble is the part of the.
constitution? ·
Ans:Kesavananda Bharati Case

which is one of the richest coastal regions of Asia?
Gulf of mannar

The Term "Wildlife" was Coined by
Willium Hornady

Match the following :
Tiger Reserves in India
(a) Bhadra 1. Madhya Pradesh
(b) Gir         2. Mizoram
(c) Kanha 3. Karnataka
(d) Dampha 4. Gujarat
(a) -3, (b)-4, (c)-1, (d)-2

Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) Galena -Lead
(B) Bauxite -Aluminium
(C) · Magnesite -Magnesium Carbonate
(D)Corundum -Mercuric Sulphide 
Ans: D

If the earth stops rotating, the value of g at the equator?
Ans: increases

Identify the Incorrect pair
I. Length -Scalar
II. Velocity -Vector
Ill. Weight -Scalar
IV. Momentum - Vector
Anw: III

The principle of gravitational lenses is
Ans:bending of light around masses

The health is affected by the
1. Genetic disorders only
2. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
3. Infections only
4. Life style of an individual
Ans: All Correct

Which one of the following is not an halide ore?

The RNA which carries the genetic message from nucleus to the ribosome is

Who discovered Rh blood group?
Ans:Landsteiner and Wiener

Hormone oxytocin is secreted by the
Ans:Pituitary gland

Kanthaka was the name of
I. Buddha's Charioteer
II. Buddha's Horse
III.A sage who taught Buddha about Meditation
IV.One of the favourite disciple of Buddha

Which Deccan King had the title of "Abla baba" or "Friend of the poor"?
Ans: Ibrahim Adil Shah II
The textile dealers ofTamilnadu were known as
Ans:Aruvai Vanigar

The "Queen of Arabian Sea Port" is

Arya Samaj: 
Ans:Keshav Chandra Sen

The scheduled banks are those which are entered in the
Ans:Second Schedule of RBI Act 1934

MatCh the following states with .their Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011
(a) Kerala 1. 946
(b) Haryaii.a 2. 899
(c) Tamil Nadu 3. 959
(d) Uttar Pradesh 4. 830
(a)-3, (b)-4, (c)-1, (d) -2

In the system of currency notes, which system is followed in India?
Ans:Minimum reserve system

Gopala Kr,i shna Gokhale
Ans:Sarvajanik Sabha

Surendranath Banerjee
Ans:The Bangalee

Bala Gangadhar Tilak
Ans:The Maratha

Lala Lajpat Rai
Ans:Young India

What is special about the following personalities?
V.D. Savarkar, Hardayal and Madan Lal Dhingra
Ans:Members of the India House

A ---------is a client program that acts as an interface between user and world wide web.
Ans:Web browser.

Who was the Indian environment activist to be honoured with Goldman Environmental Prize?
Ans:Ramesh Agrawal

Sending a legitimate looking email, hoping to gather personal and financial information from the recipient of the email is called as?
Ans: Phishing

Which state launches e-Raksha centre?
Ans: Gujarat

Which two countries recently restored their ties after 50 years?
Ans: United States and Cuba

13th NATO Secretary- General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg belongs to
Ans: Norway

In which district of Tamil Nadu, the Central Government is decided to .set up the Neutrino observatory?
Ans: Theni

New approach to conservation is the establishment of
Ans:Biosphere Reserves

Which is the tribe. not belong to Nilgiris District?
Ans: Madras

The income in 3 months of a person is same as his expenditure in 4 months. If his annual saving is Rs. 600. What is his monthly income?
Ans: Rs.200

A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years.Find the sum
Ans: Rs.698

The capacity of a tank of dimension (8 m x 6 m x 2.5 m) is
Ans: 120000 liter

If 235 = 38 and 452 = 45 then 345 = ?
Ans: 50

If A:B=3:4 and B:C=8:9 then A:C is
Ans: 2:3

For what value of radius of a sphere, the volume of the sphere is numerically equal to the surfaee area of the sphere
Ans: 3

What is special about this organisations?
British India Association, Poona Sarvajanak Sabha and India League
Ans:Fore runners of the Indian National Congress

The total number of all possible squares in a chess board is ·

What is the least number of square marbles required for a terrace of 15.17 ~ long and 9.02 m breadth?

The L.C.M of two numbers is 48. The numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3 the sum of the numbers is
Ans: 40

The L.C.M of 148 and 185 is

What will be the simple interest earned on an amount of Rs. 16,800 in 9 months at the rate of6'1/4% p.a.?

Double jeopardy is related to which Article of the Indian Constitution?
Ans: Art.20(2)

To suggest methods of change in recruitment, the UPSC appointed in 1974, a Committee of Recruitment and selection methods under the Chairmanship of
Ans: D.S. Kothari

Match the following Commissions and their purpose and give correct answer by selection the options given below : .
Commission Purpose
(a) Kalelkar Commission 1. Gandhi Murder case
(b) Kapur Commission         2. Centre-State relations
(c) Sarkaria Commission 3. 1984, Anti-Sikh riots
(d) Nanavathi Commission         4. Backward Class Commission
Ans:(a)-4, (b)-1, (c)-2, (d) -3

The legal advisor to the state government is
Ans:AdvocJlte General

The provisions relating to citizenship are embodied m the ---- of the Indian constitution. ·
Ans:Articles 5 to 11 in part II

The First Article of the Indian constitution declares India as
Ans:Union of States

Which article of the Indian constitution declares that "the elections to the House of people and to the legislative assembly of every state shall be on the basis of adult suffrage"?
Ans: Article 326
Which market is an ideal form of organisation which by providing easy liquidity encourages the public to invest and this brings out the latent surplus in the economy?
Ans: Stock market

Who was the Chairman of 1" Finance Commission?
Ans: K.C. Neogy

The term "PMAY" relates to
Ans: Housing

Match the following :
(a) NH7-Madurai to Tirunelveli
(b)NH45-Tiruchy to 'Chennai
(c) NH67-Tiruchy to Tiruvarur
(d) NH209-Pollachi to Dindigul
Ans: All are Correct

King of Fibres' is