General Knowledge Questions Part-1 Free Download

Group IV th and VII th A-2017
Total Part GK Questions-381
General Knowledge Quize Book-380

1.The Yucatan Channel lies between Cuba and which country in Central America?

2.Which address in London is famous for being the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes?

3.King Richard III of England was killed at which battle that ended the War of the Roses?

4.Which Russian author’s books include The Idiot and The Devils?

5.Which part of the body is affected by lumbago?

6.Which US white supremacist organization is identified by the letters KKK?

7.Who wrote The Old Curiosity Shop?

8.What was the name for a Roman marketplace that was the civic centre of a town?

9.Which Scottish scientist and inventor patented the telephone in 1876?

10.Which hexagonal accordion-like musical instrument was invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone?

1 Mexico,
2 221b Baker Street,
3 Bosworth Field,
4 Dostoevsky,
5 The back,
6 Ku Klux Klan,
7 Charles Dickens,
8 Forum,
9 Alexander Graham Bell,
10 Concertina.