Madurai Government ITI (Women) free Trainings- Apply Immediately

                   Government of Tamil Nadu,
                    Government ITI (Women)
                    K.Padur , Madurai-625007,

Electronic Machanic (கம்மியார் மின்னணுவியல்)
Duration: 2 years
Qualification: SSLC

Computer Operator Assistant
கணினி இயக்குபவர் மற்றும் உதவியாளர்
Qualification: SSLC
Duration: 1 years

DTPO-Desk Top Publish Operator
டிஸ்க் டாப் பப்லிஷிங் ஆபரேட்டர்,
Qualification: SSLC,
Duration: 1 years,

Basic Cosmetology
அழகு கலை ,
Qualification: SSLC,
Duration: 1 years,

Sewing Technology,
தையல் கலை தொழில்நுட்பம்,
Qualification: ESSLC-VIII,
Duration: 1 years,

Offers for Applicant:

  1. Free Bus Pass,
  2. Stipend: Monthly Rs.500/-,
  3. One Set Dress Free,
  4. One Set Footwear Free,
  5. By-cycle facility,
  6. Free Lession Books,
  7. Laptop Facility,
  8. No Course Fees,
  9. No Age Limit,
  10. Central Government Certificate,
  11. Employment Facility,
How to Apply:
The interested women candidate may direct approach with
Principal ,
Government if Tamilnadu
Government ITI (Women),
K.Padur , Madurai-625007