Indian Constitutions Study Materials| Articles

India Constitution at a Glance 

Part I:Union  and it's territory

Art:1: Name and Territory of Union
Art-2: Admission of New states
Atr-2A: Repealed
Art-3: Formation  of new states & Ate ration of Area,bounties or names of existing states.
Art-4: Laws made under article 2 and 3 to provide for the amendment  of  the first  and the fourth scheduled  and supplemental, incidental  and consequential matters.

Part II: Citizenship 
Art-5: Citizenship  at the commencement of constitution. 
Art-6: Citizenship right of certain persons who might ed to India from  Pakistan. 
Art-7: Right of citizenship  of certain  migrants  to Pakistan
Art-8: Rights of citizenship of person of Indian origin residing outside of  india
Atr-9: Persons voluntarily acquiring citizenship of a foreign  state not to be citizens.
Art-10: Constituence of the rights of citizenship. 
Art-11: Parliment  to regulate the right of citizenship  by law