TNPSC Group I Objective Types General Knowledge Quiz Part -40

Tamilnadu Public Service Commission
Group I Examination
General Knowledge
Objective Types Questions and Answer

General knowledge quiz-79
1.        Which year is considered as ‘Water year’ by India Government?
             (a). 2004
             (b). 2005
             (c). 2006
             (d). 2007
2.         “Go back to the Vedas” is a slogan given by:
            (a). Swamy Vivekananda
            (b). Swamy Dayananda Saraswathy
            (c). Sree Narayana Guru
            (d).Mahatma Gandhi
3.         National Dairy Research Institute is located at:
            (a). Haryana
            (b). Kerala
            (c). Punjab
            (d). Bihar
4.         Which of the following is a Non-Renewable Resource?
            (a). Forest
            (b). Water
            (c). Fish
            (d). Petroleum
5.         ‘Valley of flowers’ is in:
            (a). Jammu & Kashmir
            (b). Himachal Pradesh
            (c). Uttarakhand
            (d). Karnataka
6.         The first successful heart transplant Operation in India was performed by:
            (a). Dr. Venugopal
            (b). Dr. Christian Bernard
            (c). Dr.Rajagopal
            (d). None of these
7.         Which of the following is not associated with the Harappan Civilization?
            (a). Egyptian Civilization
            (b). Sumerian Civilization
            (c). Persian Civilization
            (d). Chinese Civilization
8.         The most populous country in Africa is:
            (a). Nigeria
            (b). Algeria
            (c). South Africa
            (d). Zimbabwe
9.         Study of Lagoons and Lakes is called:
            (a). Speleology
            (b). Seismology
            (c). Limnology
            (d). Hematology
10.       World Aids Day is observed in every year on:
            (a). May 1
            (b). July 11
            (c). September 16
            (d).December 1

  • (d). 2007
  • (b). Swamy Dayananda Saraswathy
  • (a). Haryana (Karnal)
  • (d). Petroleum
  • (c). Uttarakhand
  • (a). Dr. Venugopal
  • (d). Chinese Civilization
  • (a). Nigeria
  • (c). Limnology
  • (d). December 1

General knowledge quiz-80
1.         National Anthem of India was first sung in the year:    
              (c). 1950
             (d). 1956
2.         Solar eclipse is caused when:
            (a). Earth comes between the sun and the moon
            (b). Sun comes between the moon and the Earth
            (c). Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun
            (d). Earth comes between the Mars and Jupiter
3.         Which period is declared as ‘Water for life Decade’ by the United Nations Organizations?
            (a). 2000-2010
            (b). 2005-2015
            (c). 2010-2020
            (d). 1995-2005
4.         What is the new name of Imperial Bank of India after nationalisation of Banks?
            (a). State Bank of India
            (b). State Bank of Travancore
            (c). South Indian Bank
            (d). Punjab National Bank
5.         From the following which is the ore of Mercury?
            (a). Calamine
            (b). Pitch Blend
            (c). Cinnabar
            (d). Galena
6.         The name of Crompton is associated with revolution in:
            (a). Machines
            (b). Textile Industry
            (c). Medicine
            (d). Agriculture
7.         ‘Train to Pakistan’ is a book written by:
            (a). L.K.Advani
            (b). A.B.Vajpaye
            (c). Kushvant Sigh
            (d). Kiran Desai
8.         Which country is known as Land of Golden Fleece?
            (a). Australia
            (b). South Africa
            (c). Thailand
            (d). Norway
9.         The term Maiden is associated with:
            (a). Football
            (b). Cricket
            (c). Bridge
            (d). Golf
10.       Veerbhumi is the resting place of:
            (a). Jawaharlal Nehru
            (b). Indira Gandhi
            (c). Dr.B.R.Ambedkar
            (d). Rajeev Gandhi

  • (a). 1911
  • (c). Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun.
  • (b). 2005-2015
  •  (a). State Bank of India
  • (c). Cinnabar
  • (b). Textile Industry
  • (c). Kushvant Singh
  • (a). Australia
  • (b). Cricket
  • (d). Rajeev Gandhi