TNPSC Group 4 General Knowledge in Englsih Test Question and Answer Part-1-Free Download

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General Knowledge

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Part 1

1. The highest national award Bharat Ratna was instituted in the year:
(a)1952 (b). 1953 (c). 1954 (d). 1955

2.National Botanical Garden is located at:
(a).Luck now (b). Chennai (c). Nasik (d). Pune

3.The continent which is known as ‘continent of Extremes’:
(a). Africa (b). Europe (c). Antarctica (d). Asia

4.The term ‘Socialism’ was first used by:
(a). Robert Owen (b). Sun Yat Sen. (c). Karl Marx (d). Aristotle

5. Mansabdari System was introduced by:
(a). Akbar (b). Shah jahan (c). Babar (d). Humayun

6. Iqtadari System was introduced by:
(a).Qutub-uddin Aibak (b). Iltumish (c). Akbar (d). Jalaluddin Khilji

7. Numismatics is the study of ___?
(a). Moon (b). Stamps (c). Feathers (d). Coins

8. Hirakud dam is situated in:
(a). Mahanadi (b). Satlej (c). Nile (d). Periyar

9. The film ‘Monsoon Wedding’ was directed by:
(a).Deepa Mehta (b). Manoj Syamalan (c) Meera Nair (d). None of these.

10. Who wrote the book ‘Unhappy India’?

(a). Dadabai Naoroji (b). Bipin Chandra Pal (c). Lala Lajpat Rai (d). Bal Gang. Tilak