TNPSC Group 4 General Knowledge in Englsih Test Question and Answer Part 2-Free Download

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General Knowledge

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Part 2

General knowledge quiz-2

1. The book ‘The Road Ahead’ was written by:
(a). Bill Gates(b). Robert Frost (c). Chetan Begat(d). None of these

2. Which is the largest Software Company in India?
(a) Infosis (b). Intel(c). Tata Consultancy Service (d). None of these.

3.Zeros was invented by———?
(a).Indians (b). Americans(c). Greeks(d). None of these.

4.The Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is located at:
(a). Bangalore(b). Shillong(c). Shimla (d). Mumbai

5.When did the Wild-life protection Act come into being?
(a).1970 (b). 1972(c). 1974(d). 1976

6. Which Indian state is known as ‘Tiger state’?
(a). Andra Pradesh(b). Uttar Pradesh (c). Himachal Pradesh
(d). Madya Pradesh

7. The Railway Staff College is located at:
(a).Vadodara (b). Jaipur (c). Mangalapuram (d). Chennai

8. The only Metro Railway Service in India is located at:
(a). Palakkad (b). Kolkatta (c). Bangalore (d). Mumbai

9. Who is known as Gurudev?
(a). Subash Chandra Bose (b). Gandhiji c). Rabindra Nath Tagore (d). Keshav Chandra Sen.

10.  Which is the first online Banking service in India?
(a). ICICI (b). HDFC (c). SBI (d). SBT