TNPSC Group 4 General Knowledge in Englsih Test Question and Answer Part 3-Free Download

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General knowledge quiz-3
1. Magna Carta was signed by:
(a). King John II (b). Queen Elizabeth (c). King John I (d). None of these.

2. Bank of Kochi is situated at:
(a). India (b). USA (c). China (d). Japan

3.Which is the first Internet film in India?
(a).Heart Beat (b). Sweet Heart (c). Dew Drops (d). None of these.

4. Which element is used to produce IC Chips?
(a).  Germanium (b). Aluminium (c). Graphite(d). Silicon

5.      In India, which day is observed as National Press Day?
         (a).  May 11         (b). November 16         (c). December 10         (d). June 5

6.      The Communist Manifesto was published by:
         (a).Karl Marx         (b).Lenin         (c).Pablo Neruda         (d).None of these

7.      Who built Jama Masjid in Delhi, the biggest mosque in India?
        (a). Akbar        (b). Babar        (c). Shahjahan        (d). Humayoon

8.     Which of the following is known as ‘Golden City’?
        (a). Jaipur        (b). Amritsar        (c). Kanchipuram        (d). Agra

9.    When was Project Tiger launched?
(a). 1973 April 1 (b). 1974 April 1(c). 1975 April 1(d). 1976 April 1

10.Battle of Terrain was fought between:
(a). Shershah Suri& The Mughals (b). Babar & Ibrahim Lodhi
(c). Akbar & Hemu (d).Prithviraj Chohan & Mohd. Gauri