TNPSC Group 4 General Knowledge in Englsih Test Question and Answer Part 5-Free Download

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General knowledge quiz-5
1.   The acid which is used as a food——–?
      (a). Ascetic Acid     (b). Nitric Acid     (c).Hydrochloric Acid     (d).Sulphuric Acid

2.   Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore was established by:
      (a).Vikram Sarabai      (b).J.N.Tata      (c).H.J.Bhaba      (d).None of these

3.   An autobiography –passage from life of a philosopher was Written by:
(a). P.V.Narasimha Rao (b). Charles Babbage (c). Nelson Mandela(d). John Ruskin

4.   National Police Academy is situated at:
      (a). Bangalore      (b). Chennai      (c). Hyderabad      (d). Delhi

5.   The first winner of the Dada Sahib Phalke Award was——-?
(a). Satyajit Rai (b). Dilip Kumar (c). Rajat Kapoor (d). Devika Rani

6.   Where is the headquarters of the Press Trust of India located?
       (a). New Delhi       (b). Mumbai       (c). Kolkatta       (d). Chennai

7.    Whose signature is found on a one-rupee note?
       (a). Reserve Bank Governor       (b).Prime minister
       (c).Finance Minister       (d).None of these.

8.   First Electronic Computer in the World is——–?
      (a). ENIAC (b). LISA      (c). DEEP BLUE      (d).Prospector

9.   How many bytes is a kilo byte?
      (a). 1000 bytes      (b). 1014 bytes      (c). 1024 bytes      (d).1034 bytes

10. Who is known as the father of Local Self Governments?

(a). Lord Mount batten (b). Lord Rippon (c). Lord Mayo (d). Lord Wellesley