TNPSC Group 4 General Knowledge in Englsih Test Question and Answer Part 4-Free Download

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Part 4

General knowledge quiz-4

1. Which instrument is used for measuring blood pressure?
(a). Barometer(b). Stethoscope (c).Sphygmomanometer (d). Cardiogram

2. Which is the input unit of a computer?
(a). Memory unit (b). Key board (c). CPU (d). Monitor

3.One night @ call center was written by:
(a). Nandan Nilekani (b). John A Fleming (c). Chetan Bagat (d). None of these.

4. The children’s book ‘Harry Potter’ was written by:
(a).  J.K.Rowling (b). Virginia Wool (c). Leo Tolstoy (d). N.C.Chowdary

5.    A good source of Vitamin D is—–?
      (a). Milk      (b). Fruits      (c). Egg      (d). Sunlight

6.   Hijira is reckoned from———-?
      (a). AD 825      (b). AD 78      (c). AD 622      (d). AD 624

7.   The National income of India for the first time was calculated by:
(a).Javaharlal Nehru (b).Indira Gandhi(c).Dada bai Naoroji (d).Amarthya Sen

8.   The richest source of Protein is——?
      (a). Soyabean      (b). Egg      (c). Meat      (d). Milk

9.   Who is the author of ‘Jungle book’?
       (a). J.K.Rowling (b). Rudyard Kipling (c). H.G.Wells (d). O.Henry

10.  2002 has been declared by the United Nations as the year of——-?

       (a). Tolerance (b). World Population (c). Eco-Tourism(d). Disabled persons